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are switching from nuclear warheads to nuclear cars. we are going to an e-mail from a toyota executive sent before the recall saying the company is trying to hide the acceleration problems. toyota's response, we admit to doing a poor job of communication, but here is the question, how long did toyota know about this before it became public? who has an idea on that one? >> i think the crime is that they covered it up. i think if you had a problem, whether it was five days as some of the recent correspondence indicates, or two months, it's too much time. if there were drivers on the road that were not safe, toyota has a problem, and it's a huge problem. >> but it's a question that i cannot answer. if i am correct, toyota sales were up, not down, up, about 40%. so do consumers not want brakes? how does it work? >> it took a 9% dip when the information came out, and then a jump up to 40%, huge earnings and a very different situation. it will be governed by the market, do americans still trust toyota, and then the deals toyota was offering, and i think they could continue to do so. >> the fine b
. >>> and more trouble for toyota and their luxury brand lexus, "consumer reports" saying flat-out, do not buy this car, it's dangerous and will flip over. a rare thing for "consumer reports" to do. we'll tell you how rare, after this. [ crowd cheering ] [ male announcer ] competition... it pushes us to work harder. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪ so, doctor... i've been thinking... no. you know how... no. so, doc, i've got this friend... [ male announcer ] talking to your doctor about erectile dysfunction isn't easy. actually, doc, there is something i want to talk to you about. [ male announcer ] but it's definitely a conversation worth having. twenty million men have had their viagra talk. when you're ready for yours, visit viagra.com for helpful conversation starters and to learn how viagra can help. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy eno
national average. >>> bad news for toyota. the u.s. is seeking maximum civil penalties against the automaker over those recalls. i'm a little surprised that the damages numbers is as low. and then the missing link between man and apes has been found. the new species will be revealed when the 2 million-year-old child skeleton is revealed later this week. it shares charact ereristics representing the bridge in our revolution between ape and man, they say. soon to be revealed. >>> up next, new that is prosecutors may not file criminal charges in the aig fiasco that continues to cost taxpayers billions of dollars while giving the financial industry the free use of trillions of dollars for their gambling habit. >>> also, why police are only now moving against badu for the controversial naked music video and then in today's town square, we are going to talk to the author of an open letter to conservatives that has sparked a national conversation. where's the real conservative opposition in this country? get out of my bank account, get out of my bedroom. not i'm a special interest. ca
by the toyota brake's scandal, so it was more of their screw-up than our win, but it is good for the american carmakers. >>> meanwhile, the kenya -- the nation of kenya taking issue with the tea party. the kenyan government mocking the political activists by hosting a "real tea party" next week in washington next tuesday. the african nation looking to promote its status as the world's number one exporter of tea. it's clever, if nothing else. >>> finally, from slushies to beer, 7-eleven's rolling out its own beer. a premium brew to those on a budget. like i said sign of the times. >>> up next in "busted," what if a chicken was your co-pay. a politician's bizarre idea for fixing our nation's health care crisis. yes, each day you come in, it gets a little weirder. >>> plus in today's "town square," a woman who's giving up her blackberry, she says, forever in order to save the earth. somewhere in america... the slightest breeze harbors immense power. the tallest buildings leave the lightest footprints. a fifty-ton train makes barely a mark on the environment. and a country facing climate change f
's a meaning executive or the banking executive or folks at toyota who were selling cars that they were getting infinite complaints about, as long as there's no personal it's much easier to let people die or transfer risk to governments than it is to have to deal with anything -- you know it's expensive. like, if you actually created mining safety, understanding that coal costs about half of what natural gas costs, it's way more profitable as a power generation fuel, you're talking about really cutting into profits if you make these things safe, you know? >> well, i don't know, dylan. we did a study i worked on an ilo report years ago, and we did a study on safe and profitable mines. and what we found out was that the most profitable mines in the united states were the most productive mines and they were the safest mines and those were energy west out west. formally utah power and light. some console mines and an ohio valley -- and a mine that's now closed in ohio. but -- because they ran out of coal reserves. but you know basically your theory is not really true. it doesn't hold up. that you'
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5